Innovation in topography and geodesy

Precision satellite surveying
Double frequency - GPS + GLONASS + BeiDou + Galileo
RTK via radio + Internet (NTRIP)
Now affordable to small business and independent professional


Real-time centimeter accuracy (RTK), milimeter accuracy with postprocess and decimeter accuracy over long base lines

Easy to use

Simple method even for users with no experience. Full training included.


Designed with cost reduction in mind, while maintaining quality and features

GNSS Surveying Advantage

Maximize efficency and profit in your projects

Reduce staff and time on the field

RTK via Internet does not require line of sight to base, and works dozens of miles away

Modern antennas with full satellite reception provide good performance even in forest and urban areas


Quickly measure in difficult terrain with no need for line of sight to base.


Locate your points easily and accurately.


Quick height measurements with centimeter precision.

And much more

Monumenting, control points for drone, urban survey, geodetic control, combine with total station...

Software for every workflow

Compatible with powerful free or low-cost software and mobile apps to handle professionally any type of project

  • Mapit Spatial: Geographic Information System, survey and stakeout
  • Mobile Topographer: survey and stakeout with compass
  • RTKLIB: GNSS postprocessing and visualization
  • SALSA: 3-D geodetic least squares adjustment
  • Free private NTRIP caster
Quality and precision at the best price

Available offers

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Complete package

Includes base and rover


  • Base with internal battery and radio transmitter
  • Rover with external battery and radio receiver
  • Ardusimple + u-blox F9P GNSS processing engine
  • 2 Calibrated GNSS Antennas, multi-band, multi-constellation
  • Water and shock proof case
  • 2 Radio antennas
  • Wall and car chargers
  • Full training
  • Post-processing and adjustment software


RTK via Internet from nearby bases


  • Rover with external battery
  • RTK from local NTRIP bases (up to 80km)
  • Calibrated GNSS Antenna, multi-band, multi-constellation
  • Ardusimple + u-blox F9P GNSS processing engine
  • Water and shock proof case
  • Full training
  • Post-processing and adjustment software

Not sure what you need?

We will be glad to hear about your project and design a package that meets your requirements and budget.

¿Why choose PX?

PX is leading technology now affordable to small business and independent professionals, precise and reliable even for the big projects

Everything starts by choosing the right tool

Our devices and support will make a difference towards the success of your projects.

  • Return on investment

    Quicker surveying with reduced staff at an affordable price

  • It keeps getting better

    Devices are designed to be improved with changes to internal components and software as technology advances

  • Support

    2-year warranty. Tech support available at no extra cost.


It's time to leap into the new tech!

We are ready to assist each step of the way so you can deploy the receivers in your next proyect. Let us know if you have any questions or would like a demo.